Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MC & DJ - My Portfolio


Some people asked me; what's your credentials of being an Emcee (master of ceremony) or DJ? Well, not to brag of my past, but I've done numerous of events; formal, entertainment, semi-formal, varying from official launching ceremony attended by VVIPs and the Royalties, corporate annual dinners, weddings, to Kindergarten's Graduation ceremonies. I'm not that choosy anyway, in what type of event I need to handle, as long as it is within the stipulated budget.

My history of being an MC goes way back during my secondary school years. Some people says it has to do with my deep, hoarse voice, but indeed it takes more than just simply sweet voice to be an MC. It is the way you handle yourself up on the stage, in front of big crowds. I confess, I was quite a shy guy in the beginning, but I managed to evercome the stage-fright by time. I learn how to handle conflicts if any hiccups happens in the middle of an event.

Back in the year 1998-2001, I was a part-time DJ for a local radio station in Selangor. I really miss those times, life was hectic yet interesting. I get to meet celebrities of all kinds, interviewed them, dine with them, and I have my own fans then. From there, I get to do MC jobs with a better pay. Until now, if there is any request from any party in need of an MC or DJ, I will entertain if it doesn't collide with any of my schedule.

I haven't scannned any of my photo's (during those time, I didn't have my digital camera yet, all is on negative film!) of my heyday to post it here. By the way, to those who are interested to use my service, feel free to send me email at or simply call me at 014-3653525. My price usually starts from RM500 per event, depending on type of event, language, location and scripting. If you need to use PA system or even an event management company, I can also recommend good, well experienced ones!

* Apart from emceeing and deejaying, I also do voice-over for both English and Malay. I did a few for radio and tv advertisements, a lot of e-learning modules, and some radio programmes with JAKIM last time. Please click HERE for some samples.

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