Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Hollywood Stars Had to Say About Arabs & Pro Israeli


I'm not sure of how true these are, coz I got it from a friend who mailed it to me. Anyway, juz wanna share with you guyz, and judge it for yourself!

Well...some are pros, some are against. I guess we ourselves have our own views on the matter!


ubey said...

ciss... geram bace statement kenu rives tu

daniana said...

richard gere ,harrisson ford and tom cruise . i didnt know that u are so ugly .i m really shocked to realize poeple like u showing the world by ur movies acting that u r ideal persons. u r cheating us . in fact u r not ideal at all .i would like to tell u we arabs r not terrorism at all .terrorism began from ur racist country and ur weak minds.