Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Short Film - Sarah Marah

Finally, after all these while waiting for a full version, I get to post this 'Sarah Marah' short film which I acted in Part 1 as Boron Mustar, the mob-boss. It has to be divided into 4 parts, so enjoy watching it fellas!

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My role: Boron Mustar, the mob-boss and antagonist
Other cast: Isma Hanum Hussein (Linda), Eva Emmanyna (Sarah), Ashidi Adiputra (Amin),
Zaiman (Tombot).
Release Date: January 09
Genre: Heavy Drama
Studio: Dynareka Studio
Screenplay By: Rozinorazali
Directed By: Rozinorazali
Produced By: L.A Unggul Pictures
Awards: Best Student Cinematography NYFA.
Best Student Original Story NYFA.

Plot Outline:
SARAH a housewife with education sacrificed her future in the executive world for the sake of serving his husband AMIN who lately has an affair with other women that can helps him cover his debt.
Knowing that she has been decept and her loves has been betray Sarah takes a drastic moves to checkmate the kings with his own steps.

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