Sunday, July 20, 2008

Printing & Design - Business Cards & Others


Just wanna share with you some of the business cards that came out of the Eilham Programme:

You can click on the image on the left to view the larger version.
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For biz card price lists, please click the pic below to enlarge.

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Other price list (click on the underlined word to download, or right click and choose 'save link as'):

1. Price List - Brochure

2. Price List - Business Card

3. Price List - Flyer

4. Price List - Letterhead

5. Price List - A4 Booklet (will be updated)

6. Price List - A5 Booklet (will be updated)

For detailed products specifications, please click HERE.

Below are some samples of wedding cards. You may click on the image for larger view.

*Some more samples of wedding cards, click HERE.

* For other types of printing product specifications, click HERE.


Plastic business cards said...

Really impressive post...great idea.!!

web design said...

I Love business cards, the things which you have mentioned are very unique and it can help me in creating new ideas... :-)