Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pizza Hut, Kiss My Butt! - Waived

Updated 2/3/09, Monday - Today a personnel from QSR Brands called me and apologize for the below written complaint I lodged a few days back (the day I wrote this entry). The best thing is, he even instructed PH Equine to not only replace the wrong pizza, but also gave me one whole set (a liter of Pepsi, two soup and a garlic bread) which I received around 8.15pm today. I would like to personally thanx the personnel, Mr. Anthony for his concern and QSR Brands for taking actions on their customer's complaints.

Below is my written complaint to QSR Brands regarding their Pizza Hut's very "cool" service I got today. I wonder whether it will ever reach the correct person and will be taken seriously, but the way I was treated by making me waiting and waiting during my politely phone calls really pissed me off!

I ordered through 1-300-88-2525 for delivery at the time mentioned above. I called back the number at 20:15 asking when the order will arrive because I was promised half an hour delivery, which supposed to be 19:58 as printed on the receipt I received later on. The personnel who answered the call was Mr. Faizal, and he told me the manager of Pizza Hut Equine Park will call me back. After 15 minutes (20:30), there was still no phone call for me but the delivery boy (rider 0173 - ANEK) arrived with wrong pizza. I ordered the Power Meal #1 and I clearly stated during the first phone call that I wanted Super Supreme pizza. What I got was one hour late delivery and regular pan DELUXE CHEESE! The manager of PH Equine Park until now don't even have the courtesy to call me as promised and far from apologizing for the mistake and delay! I called again on 20:30 and 20:45 to the 1-300-88-2525 asking would I get any compensation or replacement but what I get is the same answer: THE MANAGER OF PH EQUINE PARK WILL CALL. And he/she did not at all, until now! I will also post this comment on my personal blog at as this is not the first time I get wrong order and delay etc, plus this time around without any compensation or even apologies. Thank you.

p/s: The PH Equine Park and my house is only a few hundred meters away across the main road, plus the weather was very OKAY! Whatever the reason they should at least inform me of the delay, plus willing to replace the wrong order as they promised on their advertisement, or at least call me to apologize like they did last time when I got wrong order or delay.

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