Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monolog 1 - My Frustration


Sometimes I juz wonder, this life of mine.
Will I be the winning frog, who will be out of the milk can, by keep on struggling?
Will I be the butterfly, with the course of nature, out of its cocoon though its hard?

Some friends, they juz won't care much about how you are doing, or how's life treating you.
They only care on how much money they can make, not how much we can make together.
How you can benefit only them, not how they will benefit you and them altogether.

You keep getting advices that you already knew, and you get sick of all those.
And people just keep fighting and trying to toppled each other, not holding hands in togetherness.
So many I have found these kind of people.
People who don't even give a damn to support our local small time businesses and entrepreneurs.
They just know how to criticize, coz they think you are a big time suckers!


elHirud said...

Sabar Bro,

It's not that you are either the frog or the butterfly - It's about The Yus who can be the frog AND the butterfly.

And dont worry.

Everybody who is successful needs to go through pain, like the one you are experiencing. Not-so-successful people experiece the same, but takes short cuts that lead them somewhere else because they dont believe that the painful road will arrive at SUCCESS and FREEDOM. And when they take the other route, they dont realize that they will have to start again and arrive at another pain later in that road.

So now you have arrived at the pain terminal. Its a compulsory station. Just go through it and move on. At least now you're nearer to success - you just dont know it yet.

Remember. You knew me all these years.

Did I arrive here without going through the Pain Station?

Yuzray Eusoph said...

Yeah true, I can't agree more.

Anyway...u r allowed to post any of my sort of poetry in ur poetry and puisi blog ;)