Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mobile Phones - Problem with your mobile web browser?

Recently, I was having problems with my N82 web browser. Before this, it works perfectly well, almost at par with any IE7 or Mozilla Firefox browser on a PC. Suddenly, a few days back, the web browser starts to behave weirdly and some texts or fonts doesn't appear as shown on these screencaps far below.

I almost cracked my head thinking, what went wrong? Is it because I hacked my phone so I can install any unsigned application? Or is it because I changed the product code so I can view any arabic characters on my phone? Or is it infected by virus or something?

I tried all possible methods: Scan the phone using my mobile anti-virus and also my PC anti-virus - my phone is clean. Un-hacking the phone - unsuccessful. Reinstall the phone firmware - nothing changes. I almost reset it back to the factory setting, or even worse, reformat it again, luckily i didn't, for it is gonna be a very time-consuming & tiresome process! Then, i tried to find answers by googling it on my alternative mobile browser - the Opera Mini. Wallaweh...I found the possible cause and solution HERE. And..the best thing is, it works like a charm and now everything goes back to normal...hoorayyyy....and err...Alhamdulillah!

Let me paste some of the Q&A on the discussions.europe.nokia.com website that helps me in solving the problem:

Q: I can't see some texts when i open web sites in my mobile browser . you can see the screenshot in this link : http://metalika.googlepages.com/Screenshot0002.jpg

Reply 1: Have you recently installed a Ramadan application? If so, try uninstalling it (and contact the developer for fixing it, if it is to blame).

Reply 2: yes.i installed the quran application . but when i trying to delete it ,come in screen unable to delete files . how can i delet this application???

Ahh...don't waste time! Let me jump to the answers that help me in solving the problem:

SOLUTION: You don't need to format your phone or uninstall Quran application. I had the same problem on my Nokia N95 8G and I resolved it as follow :
- from c:\windows\fonts on my PC , I copied arial.ttf,
verdana.ttf, tahoma.ttf to e:\ressource\fonts on my phone
- restart phone

Both Quran and web-Browser applications work fine.

*Screencaps of the problematic web-browser before the solution is found.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. I copied the files you mentioned, but I can't paste them to e:\ressource\fonts. Actually I can't even find this path on my cell phone. I have a Nokia N95 8G. When I connect to my phone through my PC, all I see is "Phone Memory" and "Card Memory". Nothing about resource or font!! I copied the files into different locations in my phone but it did not solve the problem!!! Any ideas?

Yuzray Eusoph said...

Hello Ms/Mr. Anonymous (I hope u have a name).

I guess you might be a newbie in either the smartphone world or even computer world. Those folders are hidden (i.e. resource, private, sys folders) in the E:/ or memory card. In order for you to make it visible, firstly do not connect ur phone using the PC Suite mode, but choose data transfer mode (as soon as you connect ur usb cable to the usb port or the phone, you need to choose mode of connection on your phone screen, rite?). Once you choose data transfer, windows will automatically let you view the content of the memory card. On top of your windows explorer, go to 'tools', then 'folder options, click the view tab, and then tick the 'show hidden files and folders' option. Then, those hidden files will be visible, and you can copy and paste those font files to the correct folder / location.

I hope my explanation helps. If you r still in vague, do call me on my mobile number if u r in Malaysia. If you want to do more with your phone, you can meet me and I only charge very minimum consultation fee! :)