Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Traffic is extremely important to any business, offline or online. Hey, imagine you open up a shop in a new area of town, in which most of the other lots are vacant... how do you think your business will be? Sure, the rent might be cheap... but you will be paying that cheap rent for a very long time before you can get some sustainable and worthwhile revenue because simply, there's very little traffic (people) who will come over to your shop and buy something!

On the other end, if you rent a lot in a busy area - you might be spending a whole lot of money paying the landlord! But hey... chances are you will be able to pay the rent quite comfortable because of the huge traffic your shop receives everyday.

Similarly, on the Internet, you need a lot of traffic to generate a profitable business. But getting web traffic is not an easy task - many resort to buying web traffic from service providers to ensure as many people as possible visit their website. Many also venture into expensive advertising campaign to promote their website.

Righfully so - without getting people to know about your product or services, how can they buy it from you even if they need it from you?

But hey....

Here's a new and FREE way to get lots and lots of traffic. I've personally tried the system and it works like a charm!

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