Monday, November 3, 2008

Smokey, or No Smokey?

Smokey? No goody!

I confess. I am a smoker. Though not a chain or heavy smoker, but still I DO smoke. And that pic shows my ciggie and ashie (cigarette & ashtray, that's what I call them). Despite all the 'tak nak' campaign, tax & price increase etc. people still smoke (including me). Why?

There are various and numerous reasons why people still smoke (or start smoking), and the list could take all the bandwith of this page. IT IS DAMN HARD TO QUIT, SO DON'T EVEN START if you haven't. Remember, DON'T EVEN START!

I started to smoke when I was reaching the legal age to smoke in Malaysia - 18 years old. Though I never smoke when I was in my boarding school like most of my friends did, but once I reached the legal age, I smoked like a pro, never choked even for the first time, with no one taught me how or influenced me to do so. An act I regret, but no point of regretting, right?

The message of this post is clear and simple. DON'T START SMOKING. No good to your health, to other people's health, and especially no good for your pocket health (and I juz wonder why am I smoking while typing this post). Am I 'born to be a smoker'? Nobody in my immedite family smokes (except for some uncles). Quit? I tried several times but failed.

Why most employers do allow their employee to smoke (at designated area of course)? Record shows that if smokers being held from getting their nicotine supply, the performance and productivity would be affected. It's proven, and nothing even a Prime Minister can do to stop it.

And why, if the government is really serious to curb the smoking habit, allows cigarette to be sold everywhere? (Beer and booze is even worse, but still...?) Of course, the industry provides tax and income that if it is put to a stop, the country could go bankrupt! That serious huh?

So, don't say smokers are useless. Without the smokers, there's no money to the country. The non-smokers will suffer too. I dare the government, if they are really serious and concern about the matter, to stop the buying and selling of cigarettes. Would they?

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