Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Water for Life?

How's the water quality in your area? I mean, the water you get into your house from the pipeline, the one you bathe with, cleanse with, drink etc. Let me show you something:

The first picture is the water filter i took from the main water inlet (outside the house). The water goes through it first before it goes into the water tanks inside my house. Well...pretty nasty looking huh, for just a month old filter!

The second pic is the water filter at my kitchen sink, the water source I use for drinking (of course, even it is already filtered, you have to boil it before you drink. Cheap stuff!). A month old as well. This is the second filtration after it goes through the first one. Pretty as well, huh?

This makes me think what if I don't filter it at all, like most of us do? We're actually drinking rusty water, pay for it monthly even. With this water quality, it is indeed a good decision to give 1st 20m/sq for free in Selangor. So we can afford to buy those expensive water filter system...really?

Or is it purposely done (bad water treatment) so the water filter industry won't be dead? I just don't know. Well...it's easy to blame others, but we ourselves have to do something about it...get your water supply treated yourself!

Apart from other popular well known brand, I think it's a good move if we opt for something good in quality yet affordable, for our own good. For instance, eSpring water treatment system (click on the eSpring to have a look at it). How to get it? Of course, you can contact me if you want a better healthy living!

You know the number: 014-3653525 ->Yuzray

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lily said...

hi am new here..
just curious sikit about filter air nih.my sister ada beli satu filer ni and they(penjual) bagitau yg once dah guna this filter so tak yah nak boil that water dah.can just minum direct from paip je..derang siap bagi jaminan lagi kalo sakit minum water from this filter ada insuran yg akan cover.i mcm manapon not totally agree wif them.coz kalo dah dapat sakit tuh duit banyak mana pon tak guna.better mencegah la kan..lupa plak what brand nanti i check.so what ur opinion?

Yuzray Eusoph said...

well...kalau yang memang terbukti bagus macam eSpring memang dah terbukti dan dijamin kebersihan air tu baik dari segi kotoran fizikal mahupun bakteria. anyway, this is my personal opinion la, tak salah kalau kita nak boil lagi filtered water tu...utk lebih yakin lagi, sbb bakteria pasti terbunuh apabila suhu didih tercapai. untuk lebih maklumat, boleh hubungi saya di talian tertera ya? terima kasih :)

Internal Wear & Clothes said...

bro.. mahal ke mende ni?
kedai mana leh dapek?
tgh usha2 gak water filter yg bes.. tp x nak la mahal sgt