Sunday, June 15, 2008

Make Google Adsense Money With Qassia

This article is taken from my best buddy's blog: I am always amazed by his way of making such an amount of money!

How To Make Google Adsense Money Through Qassia?

I had a drastic Google Adsense commission hike up since I joined Qassia (it's free)! It's really simple:

1. Join Qassia, and register your Google Adsense account from your Qassia control panel.

2. Write "Intel"s, which refers to articles that you can write (anything), and these articles will be screened by other Qassia members.

3. Each Intel would be inserted with ads by Google, and while people read your intel, a Google Ad appears on that page that is of interest to the readers, you get paid 100% of the click!

Easy peasy.

The hardest part may be to discipline yourself to write the Intels.

Hey, but I'd do anything that can generate me money!
(Good and clean money, of course)

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