Saturday, April 12, 2008

Do It Before You Need It

* This post is taken from a buddy's blog,, because the story he is telling here is actually about me. Thanx, Zahir. Yes, I need more than just mere luck I can get now!

So he wrote:

A friend of mine came to me the other day and told me of his current situation - the company he works in is not making enough business to pay the office rent, and so all the staff were told to work from home starting this month.

I asked him, "What about next month?"

He answered, "My boss don't know yet."

"What about you?" I asked further.

"I don't know yet," was his dismayed answer.

Friends, I would say that if any one of us is in this situation, we KNOW the answer - our income would stop next month, but our bills will not stop coming in our mails.

Therefore, we should know exactly what to do - build another income.

Don't sit around. Do something. Anything.

And for those who are not yet in the above situation, I'd recommend that you build a spare stream of income now, before you need it.

Best of luck to all of us.

So, my advice to all, don't just wait for luck to come knocking at your door. Why don't you surf to these websites and sign-up: and and You can always call or email me or leave your contact in the comment section for further explanation.


elHirud said...

So, how are you now my friend? Do you know that before you can be a millionaire, you have to be one in your mind first?

yuzray said...

sometimes its dangerous what your mind can think of...and sometimes the wishful thinking could bring you great victory!